Killer 360 Sound Design

In this first-person psychological thriller, you become the captured and tortured prisoner of a merciless madman, experiencing the unimaginable as it unfolds around you in a dark, forgotten place. But in the end, it’s the twist that redefines the film and leaves a lasting impression no viewer will soon forget.


Killer 360 Sound Design.

The film brings the psychopathic killer right into your face. The sound was mixed and designed to be as real as possible. Each sound is perfectly placed and mapped to create a frighteningly realistic scene, whichever way your are looking. He may be behind you or right in your face. The spacial head tracking keeps you on the move even when you may not be able to see him, you’ll certainly be able to hear him.

Included here is the trailer for the film. The official launch is on 27th October at Restoration Station on Shoreditch High Street at 6pm. We’ll post the full length film once the film is released.

killer 360 sound design

Mixing 3D mulit-channel, virtual reality sound to a 360 Video brings the whole experience of VR to life. In a word, Audio Head Tracking enrols the user into believing they are really there and not just wearing a VR headset sitting on a chair.

The film’s spatial audio was mixed and sculptured at Syncbox Post in London and represents the dedication and excitement we have for this technology. So much can be created and enjoyed when you mix in 3D as opposed to 2D. Please get in touch with Rich Evans if you have any projects you would like to discuss.

The Makers

Film Production: Irresistible Films
Agency: VML
Director: Tom Stoddart
Producers: Max von Zeffman, Matt M S Nelson, Charles Gordon

360 Sound Studio London

Using the latest audio technology, we can mix your immersive audio or take your stereo mix and transform it into a 3D wonder world. Our experience of sound design and audio mixing adds a greater dimension to any 3D or VR mix. We can mix to all the latest formats including AmbiX, FuMa, Quad Binaural, Facebook 360 Video, You Tube 360 or provide you with an 8 channel audio file for embedding into your app or game player. Once rendered the VR Sound Design mix will provide 100% accurate head tracking and add authentic realism to any 360 video.

We also provide real, end user monitoring experiences with an Oculus Rift VR mask and Samsung Gear VR. This enables you to see the finished product how it was designed to be seen and experienced.

We’re dedicated to exploring this immersive technology and ways of how it can be used to enhance the users experience.

Killer 360 Sound Design