Our Audio TX Communicator System provides a high quality connection and can be used for remote recording and simultaneous direction over ISDN. Our sound designers at Syncbox can access worldwide voice over talent for all film, TV and broadcast work, as well as vocal recording for music. We can also provide a full timecode picture lock for dubbing, when the same film needs to be viewed in sync in both studios.

ISDN London
ISDN London.

All the main codecs are available including Mpeg Layer II, Mpeg Layer 3, G722, G711, APTX, Telos Zephyr and Telephone line connection. We can also patch in Skype for video conferencing.

Our ISDN studio charge is the same as our standard rate. The only additional charge is for the call time should we initiate the connection. Please contact rich@syncbox.tv to enquire about any call charges to an international studio.

Our ISDN Services Include:-

  • Voice Over Recording
  • In Sync Sound To Picture
  • Vocal Recording
  • Radio Interviews
  • Live Radio Programming
  • Local Recording with Remote Direction