Syncbox VR provides uncompromising sound design and creative audio for 360 Film and VR.

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Ambisonic Recording

We can record any foley or spot fx for your film or capture any ambience to add real spatialisation to your project. A Sennheiser Ambeo 1st Order microphones is used to capture the audio plus a Sound Devices location recorder to capture the recordings. The Sound Devices provides a very high quality recording and has an ambisonic setting built in, so the recording can be monitored binaurally. The audio can then be edited direct from a laptop or can be taken back to the studio to be mixed and spatiailsed.
Adding additional ambisonic audio, like in any traditional film, adds a new dimension to the experience. It builds up layers of interest and reality, even if the whole project is virtual reality. Head-tracking via a VR headset is the final layer that immerses the viewer directly into the film.

VR Studio

Our studio is situated in London. Conveniently, situated near to Holborn Tube station. The comfortable studio offers clients a professional acoustically treat studio for a relaxed and accurate listening experience.
Mixes can be monitored via a 7.1 speaker system, binaurally via headphones or ambisonically via an Oculus headset.
We use Reaper and Pro Tools to edit and mix all our spatialise mixes. Along with a huge array of plugins and software instruments. Any additional sound recording or sound design can be easily achieved within the studio and it's acoustically treated booth.
Any mix can be output to all formats up to 3rd Order, including Facebook, You Tube 360, Vimeo, Oculus and Samsung Gear VR.

Music Composition

To compliment the sound design and spatialised audio, we can compose and arrange a soundtrack to accompany your film. This can be composed ambisonically to enhance the VR experience or if you like we can produce it just in stereo or maybe a selection of both. The composition can be fully spatialsed with different elements of the music appearing across the 360 sphere, compete with head tracking, or it can be separated and placed within the ambisonic world to add direction and interest. Additionally, the music be head tracked or static in each scene or it can be different for each scene or mixed and matched across the same scene. The options are limitless and all add to a very creative and divergent audio mix.

Ambisonic SFX Library

Our SFX library is vast. It includes a huge selection of ambisonic and immersive content, which is ever growing, as well as thousands of regular stereo and mono sfx, which can be used in the ambisonic mix. We even have our own sfx collection which has been personally recorded using our Sennheiser Ambeo microphone and Sound Devices recorder.
These sfx come from all over the world, including recordings from New York, London, Tokyo and China. The list is endless but includes Traffic, Wind, Waves, Transport, Nature, Fire, Rain, Waterfalls and Explosions. All these ambisonic sfx add to the VR experience and add authenticity to any film.
Please contact us if you have a need for any specific sfx.

Mixing 3D multi-channel audio to a 360 Video brings the whole experience of VR to life.


To create a truly believable experience in virtual reality.

Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio is a generic term for 360 sound design and it can be used to control the users attention. Sounds can be mapped from any direction to draw a listener's attention to specific objects or can simply be used to enhance the perceived scene. But most importantly, Spatial Audio is essential for providing a believable VR experience.

Sound Design

Sound Design and the mapping of the sound used in the film is crucial fro the success of 360 film and VR. Get this wrong and the users experience can seam un-real, out of place.
Imagine a chocolate bar floating a couple of centimetres above a table. You'd see the bar but something about it wouldn't seam right. Getting the sound design right in a 360 environment is key to reality and virtual reality.


Ambisonics is a “full-sphere” surround sound technique that is capable of representing sound sources that are stationary or in motion, and at variable distances from above, below, and all around the listener. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Order Ambisonics fully supported.


Spatialised sound can be played back on a number of devices and platforms resulting in a number of formats. Currently, the following are recognised. Facebook 360 Video, You Tube Video ( with 1st Order ambiX ), B format ( 1st & 2nd Order ), Quad Binaural, Oculus Rift Video and .tbe ( used for game engines ).

Kind Words from our Clients

BBC Studios

Absolutely love working with Syncbox. A great working environment and they will always go above and beyond to deliver what you want. And it always sounds superb.

Simon Mayhew-Archer. Producer BBC StudiosBBC Studios

Soho Music Group

We have used Syncbox for many years now and they always provide the highest quality recordings with a friendly face as well. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them. Top studio and top service.

Laura HarrisonSoho Music Group

Beautiful Creative

We’ve worked with Syncbox for over 10 years now. They are extremely talented and experienced experts in all things audio related and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Tom Roebuck. Managing Director.Beautiful Creative

360 & VR Audio Studio London