“Doing business without TV advertising is like winking at a friend in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” ~Steuart Henderson Britt

The final stage of any TV advertising and arguably one of the most important is the sound. Without a good mix and a great sounding voice over, a great ad can be easily turned into a something very mediocre.

P&O Ferries Adventure Television Ad

A 30 second television ad beautifully crafted by Blinkink Studios. No CGI here, just amazingly detailed stop frame animation. From the wind in the passengers hair, the bow waves of the ferry crossing the English channel to the making of over 300 individual sunflowers, no detail or aspect was overlooked.

Waking up, Packing bags and jumping in the car. Exploring the giant ferry and spotting land from afar. Passing filed of sunflowers, stocking up en route. The excitement of arriving and un-packing the boot. Eating out trying new foods, discovering beautiful places. Jumping in, splashing about, the looks on their little faces. Where will your adventure take you?

The sound design compliments the film creating a light and inviting tv ad to entice the viewers across the channel.

Syncbox provides a full TV advertising audio-service including Voice Over recording, Sound Design, Music Composition and Mixing to all the latest broadcast standards from its audio post production studio in London. Recent Brands include P&O Ferries, Lego, Muller Rice, Weetabix, Bet Victor, HMV, LG, KLM, VAX, Belvita, HMV and The Fabulous Bakers.

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