Mahout London Independent Film Festival 2014 Best Film


Announced at the LIFF (London Independent Film Festival) Awards on Saturday night, Mahout: The Great Elephant Walk won the Best UK Film Award for its feature documentary. The film follows a team of elephant drivers as they walk a group of elephants across Nepal.
Directors and Producers James Dartnall of Pink Banana Productions and Jack Wylson endured 5 weeks of monsoon conditions and sleeping rough to produce the documentary, which shows the remarkable bond between the Mahout – the keeper and the elephant.
Rich Evans of Syncbox Post, based in Clerkenwell has worked with James previously and knew that this was going to be an interesting project. Syncbox produced the sound mix and design for the film which started off initially as shots for a wildlife lodge in Nepal.
“The resulting film is so deserved of this award” says Evans, “I gave my services for free as I knew this was a great story with great characters, a unique film with fantastic cinematography and camera work.”
Not only was it one of the most challenging projects James has worked on, the expedition has also allowed the team to raise awareness of The Nepal Elephant TB Control and Management Plan, which is trying to eradicate Tuberculosis in wild and domesticated elephants in Asia.

Mahout: The Great Elephant Walk