The Dog Ate My Homework CBBC

Syncbox have completed composing the title music and all other music for the crazy rounds in this brand new series for CBBC. The Dog Ate My Homework is the school-based panel show that lets you down, lets CBBC down, and above all, lets itself down…

BAFTA-nominated comedian and CBBC favourite Iain Stirling hosts the series that throws out the text books along with the rule book, and turns everything about school on its head.

On every show there are two teams, featuring comedians, celebrity guests and a junior sidekick. Both teams face a mischievous mix of tongue-in-cheek comedy, off-the-wall questions, nonsensical studio games, and slapstick challenges.

The Dog Ate My Homework is the show that finally puts the cool back into school.

Produced by Richard Grocock for BBC Scotland. All music by Rich Evans and Nik Haley @ Syncbox Post.

The Dog Ate My Homework